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The Alexander McNaughton Dilemma

The Alexander McNaughton Dilemma
of Charlottenburgh township, Glengarry County Ontario

If you have family connection to this family of Alex McNaughton & Kate Ferguson, this will be on interest.

The Alexander McNaughton Dilemma.

Alexander McNaughton 1770-1851 and Alex McNaughton 1798-1876 tentative sons of Donald McNaughton & Mary MacDonell and tentative husband of Catherine Ferguson Conflict

1— According to Reids Loyalists in Ontario this Alex McNaughton died in 1876
from Reid’s Loyalist in Ontario  Sons and Daughters of American Loyalist  p.211
McNaughton, Donald. E. half H/Front Charlottenburgh m Mary MacDonell   died in Charlottenburgh April 1841
Elizabeth d. unmarried OC 6 Aug 1816
Robert of Charlottenburgh  OC 23 Nov 1816
John of Charlottenburgh d. unmarried Dec. 1888  P.L.S. OC 26 March 1817
Mary, m. James McDonell of Charlottenburgh 7 Oct 1811  OC 26 August 1818
Catherine m. Alexander McDonell of Cornwall  OC 17 Sep 1823
Alexander of Charlottenburgh  d 1876 OC 7 March 1827
Margaret, m. John Chisholm   OC 7 March 1827
Duncan of Charlottenburgh d in war of 1812  unmarried.

2— According to the gravestone inscription in St Andrew’s cemetery Williamstown Alex died in 1851 age 81and Catherine in 1874 at age 87
#149  (C8b)  
In memory of Alex'r McNaughton of Charlottenburgh, a native of Kenmore Perthshire Scotland who departed this life Feb'y 19 1851 aged 81 years, also his wife Catherine died May 14 1874 ae. 87 yrs. 
Erected by his sons, Peter, John, William, Donald, Alexander. 
I am assuming that this Catherine  is Catherine Ferguson wife of Alexander McNaughton

3— According to a family tree chart we got from Buddy McNaughton 4th Charlottenburg, Glengarry County this Alex son of Donald was born 1770. The gravestone  above in # 2 agrees with this

4— According to Reids Loyalists in Ontario Catherine Ferguson  married an Alex McNaughton of Charlottenburg.Catherine’s sister Anne also married an Alex McNaughton of Lancaster
FERGUSON, Peter of West half 50/1 Charlottenburgh, m. Jane Cameron.
(A Peter Ferguson of Charlottenburgh, and wife Mary McKay, had a dau
Margaret bapt. 14 July 1793).
Alexander of Charlottenburgh. O.C. 25 June 1807.
William of Charlottenburgh. O.C. 25 June 1807. [Cont’d]
Catherine, m. Alexander McNaughton of Charlottenburgh. OC 3 Mar 1809.
Ann, m. Alexander McNaughton of Lancaster. O.C. 16 Feb 1811.
Mary, m. Gregor McGregor of Charlottenburgh; bapt. 27 Jan 1793; m. 12 May 1812. O.C. 6 Aug 1816.
Margaret, bapt. 25 July 1790; m. James McGregor of Charlottenburgh. O.C. 6 August 1816.

5— According to an article written by a John McNaughton prior to Dec 1888, Alex McNaughton was born in 1798 died in 1876— see p. 334 of McNaughtons of Glengarry 2008 Vol.1

6— According to an article written by a John McNaughton prior to Dec 1888, Alex McNaughton had a son Duncan A and Donald. There is no mention of the wife’s name,  see p. 334 of McNaughtons of Glengarry 2008 Vol.1

7— According to an article written by a John McNaughton prior to Dec 1888, Donald McNaughton  Sen’r was born about 1743 or 44 died in Apr 1841 age 97?— see p. 334 of McNaughtons of Glengarry 2008 Vol.1

8— According to the BMD in St Andrew’s Williamstown Donald McNaughton & Mary MacDonell had children baptised there between 1791, 1792, 1794, 1800, 1803 & 1806. 

9— According to an article written by a John McNaughton prior to Dec 1888, Donald McNaughton Sr died in Apr 1841,  thus indicating that there could be a Donald McNaughton Jun’r

10— According to an article written by a John McNaughton prior to Dec 1888, there is the indication that Alexander son of Donald & Mary settled in the township of Ross, Renfrew County.

OBSERVATIONS, COMMENTS, CONCLUSIONS All this is subject to further clarification and correction  with any new info that may arise  awf

The Alex McNaughton in No 2 & No 5 above contradict each other. Alex McNaughton died in 1851 and Alex McNaughton died in 1876. Thus indicating that they are 2 different Alexander McNaughtons, regardless  whether the name of the father was Donald McNaughton.

Both Alex’ had a son Donald, but Alex McNaughton & Catherine Ferguson did not seem to have a son Duncan. Thus another indication that we are dealing with 2 different Alex McNaughtons.

In #10 above  Alex McNaughton son of Donald & Mary settled in Renfrew County while the Alex McNaughton who married Catherine Ferguson seems to have stayed in Glengarry and is buried in St Andrew’s in Williamstown, Ontario. Thus another indication we are dealing with 2 different Alex McNaughtons.

Alexander McNaughton 1770-1851 husband of Catherine Ferguson is not the son of Donald McNaughton & Mary MacDonell based on the present information we are aware off as there are too many discrepancies to deal with.

We are dealing with 2 different Alexander McNaughtons, namely Alex 1770 -1851 and Alex 1798-1876 thus 2 sets of different parents, regardless as to whether the fathers name is Donald.

You, dear reader, are free to draw your own conclusions on the above contradictions in regards to these 2 Alexander McNaughtons

This is a timeline of Donald McNaughton & Mary MacDonald and list of children including the 2 Alex’s

DONALD Children Mary
McNaughton MacDonell
1743-1841 Ca 1745/50- bef 1833

Age 27 Alex 1770-1851 Age 20/25    possible

then a 20 year

age 47 Mary ca 1790 Age 40/45       possible
Age 48   Duncan 1791-1812 Age 41/46   possible
age 49 Robert 1792- ca 1848 Age 42/47   possible ??
Age 51 Elizabeth 1794-1883 Age 44/49
Age 53 John ca 1796- 1888 Age 46/51 questionable
Age 55 Alexander 1798-1876 Age 48/53 questionable
age 57 Catherine 1800- ca 1862 Age 50/55 questionable
age 60 Margaret 1803-1880 Age 53/58  questionable
Age 63 Flora 1806- ca 1875 Age 56/61  questionable

Red above indicates the child 
is a child of a Donald & Mary
from Church BMDs

There is a 28 year gap between the birth of these 2 Alexander McNaughtons,  Alex born 1770 and Alex born 1798, which to me indicates they are of 2 different generations. The only way they could be  sons of Donald McNaughton 1743-1841 is that Donald would have had to be married twice.  Again this indicates they are 2 different Alex McNaughtons. 

According to the marriage record for Margaret McNaughton to John Chisholm in 1833 at St Raphael’s, Mary MacDonald the mother of Margaret was deceased prior to October 1833. At this time, in 1833, if this Mary MacDonald was the wife of Donald McNaughton [Sen’r] 1743-1841, she would have been around 80 to mid 80’s 

This also raises the possibility that, not only were there two Alex McNaughtons, but there seems to be 2 sets of Donald McNaughton and Mary MacDonalds. This last assumption of 2 sets of Donald McNaughton and Mary MacDonalds is going to be a very good challenge to back up one way or other,  yes there were or no there wasn’t!!!

enjoy the journey

Take care and God Bless
Alex W Fraser
Courtenay, BC
Aug 25/15

McNaughton's of Glengarry Vol.5 Addenda Update

McNaughtons of Glengarry  V.5 Update deals mainly with the family line of John Alexander McNaughton & his wife  
Bessie Agnes Boyd, Dunster, BC

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Introduction …….. p.7
Alexander McNaughton Dilemma …….. p.9
James Peter McNaughton & Mary McIntosh …….. p.13
Bessie Boyd Genealogy …….. p.83
McNaughton Obits 2015 …….. p.115
Chase - Burley - Trickey …….. p.129
Charts namely …….. p. inserts
Alexander McNaughton & Catherine Ferguson  ..insert p.12
Alex McNaughton & Catherine Ferguson 5 generation chart -see on CD addenda 2015
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