Friday, March 28, 2014

McNaughtons of Glengarry Update Sep 2015

McNaughton Update 

September 2015

The 5 volume hard copy set of the McNaughtons of Glengarry is now also available on CD with additional photos, addenda 
ISBN 9780921307471
Cost for the McNaughton CD is $140.00 shipping included.
 includes the approx 1800 page book, 5 volumes, some updates and some photos

The Alexander McNaughton Dilemma

McNaughtons of Glengarry CD    if paypal 'buy now' button doesn't work send payment via paypal to jars924 @ if out side Canada, In canada payment options, cheque of money order, e mail money transfer to jars924 @ or call 1-866-517-2113 for more details  Thanks AWF

McNaughtons of Glengarry

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